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A Technical Lecture Presented by Dr. Bijan Tadayon and Dr. Saied Tadayon at USPTO on Image & Pattern Recognition

March 10, 2015

Dr. Bijan Tadayon and Dr. Saied Tadayon, founding members of NIPSIA, had the pleasure of delivering an invited lecture at the USPTO on "Image and Pattern Recognition" for the USPTO patent examiners at TC 2600. Ms. Kim Vu (USPTO, SPE) introduced the lecturers. Many thanks go to Ms. Alexa Neckel (USPTO, SPE), Mr. Bhavesh Mehta (USPTO, SPE), Mr. Daniel Swerdlow (USPTO, TQAS), Mr. Matthew Bella (USPTO, SPE), Mr. Mohammad Ghayour (USPTO, SPE), and Ms. Kim Vu (USPTO, SPE) for arranging and coordinating the lecture.




See pictures at Picasa website.