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Prof. Mory Gharib

gharib-picDr. Mory Gharib is the Hans W. Liepmann Professor of Aeronautics and Professor of Bioinspired Engineering specializing in Hydro and aerodynamics, biological flows, bio-inspired medical devices, and advanced flow visualization techniques.

He received his B.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering from Tehran University (1975) and then pursued his graduate studies at Syracuse University (M.S., 1978, Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering) and Caltech (Ph.D., 1983, Aeronautics). After two years as a senior scientist at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (NASA/CIT), he joined the faculty of the Applied Mechanics and Engineering Sciences Department at UCSD in 1985. He became a full professor of fluid mechanics in 1992 and, in January 1993, he joined Caltech as a professor of aeronautics. Dr. Gharib co-founded Bioengineering option at Caltech in 2000 and served as its Steering Committee Chairman until June of 2006. Dr. Gharib holds more than 25 U.S. Patents in areas of Biomedical Devices and Imaging Technology. He is a fellow of the American association for the advancement of science (AAAS), and five other professional societies. He has received 5 new technology recognition awards from NASA in the fields of advanced laser imaging and nanotechnology. He was recipient of R&D 100 award for the design of a 3D imaging system in 2008. He has been involved in multiple hi-tech startup companies. His research includes diverse topics and technologies, for example: Bio-inspired Design and Engineering, Imaging, Cardiovascular Research, Wind & Sea, Energy, Carbon Nanotubes, and Micro/Nano-Scale Mechanics, among others. More information on Dr. Gharib and his research team may be found on his website.