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Two Technical Lectures Presented by Dr. Saied Tadayon and Dr. Bijan Tadayon at USPTO

July, 31 2012

Dr. Saied Tadayon and Dr. Bijan Tadayon, founding members of NIPSIA, had the pleasure of delivering two invited lectures at the USPTO on "Applications of Z-numbers" and "Applications of Fuzzy Rules Engine" for the USPTO patent examiners at TC 2100 Tech-Fair. Mr. Jeffrey Gaffin (USPTO, SPE) introduced the lecturers, and Ms. Wendy Garber, the TC Director, presented certificates of appreciation to Dr. Saied Tadayon and Dr. Bijan Tadayon for their participation as guest speakers at the USPTO. Many thanks go to Ms. Gail Hayes (USPTO, SPE), Ms. Kakali Chaki (USPTO, SPE), Mr. Jeffrey Gaffin (USPTO, SPE), and Mr. Hossein Ghayour (USPTO, SPE; NIPSIA) who arranged and coordinated the lectures. A poster of Prof. Lotfi A. Zadeh (U.C. Berkeley), the “Father of Fuzzy Logic” and the inventor of Z-numbers (named after him), was displayed at the lecture hall.




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