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NIPSIA presentation of an Achievement Award to Prof. Mo Jamshidi

Oct. 31, 2011

Dr. Bijan Tadayon and Dr. Saied Tadayon, founding members of NIPSIA, and Mohammad Ghayour, SPE, USPTO, on behalf of NIPSIA, presented an Achievement Award to Prof. Mo Jamshidi, the Lutcher Brown Endowed Chaired Professor, the University of Texas at San Antonio, for pioneering innovations in large scale systems control and system of systems engineering. The award was presented during a lecture by Prof. Jamshidi at the USPTO (for TC 2600) on “Systems of systems Engineering – Innovations and Challenges for the 21st Century”, for the USPTO patent examiners. 

Mr. Daniel Swerdlow (SPE, USPTO) also presented an appreciation award to Prof. Mo Jamshidi, on behalf of the USPTO, for participation and outstanding contributions to Patent Examiner Technical Training Program.

The presentation was preceded by a reception for Prof. Jamshidi at the USPTO, by the Directors of USPTO (at TC 2600), including Mr. John L. Leguyader, Mr. Richard K. Seidel, and Ms. Wanda L. Walker. The reception was attended by Supervisory Patent Examiners, Mr. Mohammad Ghayour, Mr. Curtis A. Kuntz, Mrs. Vivian C. Chin, Mr. Daniel Swerdlow, Mr. Daniel S. Hunter, Mr. Andrew B. Christensen, and Mr. Kamran Afshar, as well as NIPSIA representatives, Dr. Bijan Tadayon and Dr. Saied Tadayon.

Prof. Jamshidi's visit to the USPTO has also been covered by UTSA Today.




More pictures from Prof. Jamshidi's presentation at the USPTO, at Picasa website.